Get a set of commented images from any twitter post so you can keep up records on image metadata (title, contributor, time of original publication and so on.)
Insert the post ID link (in twitter: just right to the tweet's original poster, rightclick_copylink and insert link into this box:
link to twitter post

This loading page opens with JAVA another tab/popup which shows a page where you can manually modify the metadata.Your browser has to allow popups generally, or you can set an exception for to use this program.
On 500 error, simply reload page

Preliminary Information

This utility is under construction as of 2017 jan 17 and it works fine.
img link
2nd,3rd,4th img link
major comment
minor comment
origin / license
This complicated page was designed before the TWIMGINATOR workaround. It is obsolete for use with twitter contents, but it's fine to write notes on some third-parties jpg images.

Preliminary Information

This little php script makes something like a lolcat from a web-derived jpg or png image. I learned that twitter has good visual content but it is a stupid task to save an image with content-relkated metadata and personal remarks. One doesnt so, so the artist, the title or the intent of the poster sails away.
This pretty script urges you to copypaste the link to the image (browser, mouserrightclick, copy-image-location) and to put this in the first box, then a major heading decribing the topic and a minor one getting explicit; the original contributer and so on can be set in the last box.
The image is size-adapted to match a standard printout page in german din-a4 at least it is my intent to do so, so you can store the full-colored printout in your physical archive.
It took me 6 hours to get it running from pre-existing code paerticles and integrating some other php functions to get the task done.
Feel happy to use it aslong the server doesnt crash.
Ossip Groth, @nephroVIP.